Custom Built Lowriders

StreetToyz Customs has been building custom lowriders since 1988. We do it all from clean classics to show-stoppers. And with a history of Best of Show awards, you can trust your ride will twist necks as you roll past.
StreetToyz - Custom Built Lowriders
StreetToyz - Hydraulic Suspension Hydraulic Systems

StreetToyz Customs is the master distributor for Pitbull Hydraulics. We use Pitbull Hydraulics in almost all of our custom installations because of their high performance and show-quality finish. Bite the competition... Put the dog in ya trunk!

Custom Paint

Set your ride apart with a one-of-a-kind custom paint job. Our vehicle artists are some of the most creative in the industry with amazing attention to detail.
StreetToyz - Custom Paint
StreetToyz - Chrome Plating Chrome Plating

If it ain't chrome, go back home. Nothin' says clean like the polished look of chrome. And we can chrome just about anything.
Complete Restorations

Nature never intended for classic automobiles to sit and rust. They were meant to be celebrated and adored. That's why we take so much pride in fully restoring classics.
StreetToyz - Complete Vehicle Restoration

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